Welcome to Bonn Minster

We warmly welcome you to our Minster, one of the oldest churches in Germany.


Since the 13th century, when the people of Bonn included the Minster in their city ’s coat of arms, it has been the emblem of the City of Bonn. Although the face of the city has largely changed, it is still dominated by the Collegiate Church of St. Cassius and St. Florentius.

The basilica of Bonn as we know it today was built on the site of the graves of the two martyrs Cassius and Florentius, the city’s patrons. The whole of its development is recorded, from its beginnings as a small place of worship in the late Roman period to its becoming the first large church complex in the Rhineland, and later a significant example of medieval Rhenish church architecture.

Most of today ’s building dates back to the period of active building work from the 11th to the 13th centuries. Its blend of Romanesque and gothic elements is unusually harmonious. The furnishings, too, most of which date back to the Baroque period, to the end of the last century and to our own century, fit in well, giving the Basilica its own special atmosphere which envelops the visitor and makes him or her feel secure.

Important Information

All visitors of this Minster are cordially welcome. This Cathedral is first of all the Lord’s house, whereto all people are invited for prayer and service.

Each epoch of art is to be found in the Minster due to the great European movements. Thus the Cathedral is also rightly referred to as „European Monument“.

The number of interested parties and tourists has been considerably increasing during the last years. In order to save the dignity of this Cathedral and also to do everybody justice, there is an obligatory guideline. Please regard to this guideline with mutual respect.

  • Guided tours in the Minster are allowed only by authorized guides.
  • Guided tours in the Minster are allowed only within the time agreed before.
  • Guided tours in the Minster are not allowed during services and on Sundays.

Opening Hours

Cathedral: Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 19:00
Cloister: Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:30, Sunday 13:00 to 17:30

Times Of Minster Guiding Tours

Cathedral: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 12:00 & 12:45 to 16:00 (Crypt excluded)
Cloister: Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:30

Minster Guided Tours

Minster Guided Tours through Cathedral, choir stalls are booked via the guest service. There, independent guides are placed to the interesting visitors. The amount in question is to be paid directly to the guide

  • Up to 15 persons: 60,00 € (incl. 25,00 € administration fee)
  • Up to 20 persons: 70,00 € (incl. 25,00 € administration fee)
  • Up to 30 Personen max.: 80,00 € (incl. 25,00 € administration fee)
  • Registration: Phone: 0228/98588-0, Fax: 0228/98588-15, E-Mail: touristinfo@bonner-muenster.de

Brief Guided Tours in the Minster

Brief Guided Tours in the Minster can be booked in the context of guided tours in the „Bonn-Information“. Phone: +49228/77-5000, Fax: +49228/77-5077, bonninformation@bonn.de

Daily Licence

Everybody with a theological, art historical or historical academic qualification, can purchase a daily licence via the guest service of the Bonner Münster-Stiftung for the price of 55,00 € (incl. 25,00 € administration fee).

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Phone: 0228/98588-0, Fax: 0228/98588-15
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